As a trauma survivor, I have a deep understanding of the human condition with its suffering and emotional pain. As a result, I understand mental illness and its effects acutely. With the use of good communication skills, experience, and training, I can help individuals realize and discover the path to their own emotional well-being.

My training equips me in helping those who suffer from trauma, depression, anxiety, fear, abuse, phobia, conflict resolution, domestic abuse, marriage and family issues, relational and spiritual concerns, mediation, discover a way to emotional health. I believe in guiding people to develop a strong inner being, kind, loving, empathic relationships, which move toward emotional well-being.

I practice an integrated approach to therapy, with counselling models that are introduced to an individual in their context. I feel that the client is the expert of their condition, and that the therapist is the guide to emotional health. With this in mind I practice a partnership approach with each client. I strongly believe in the power of relationships, that they can be uplifting, caring and compassionate. With this I endeavor to bring to therapy a strong values approach that integrates; curiosity, intuition, personal integrity, respect, non-judgment, trust, confidentiality, compassion & empathy, listening skills, tolerance, and sensitivity. I further believe that each of us is a sacred composite of mind, body, soul, and spirit, necessitating an integration of all aspects for healing.

I believe that humans can achieve well-chosen and realistic wellness goals with the guided help of a therapist. I also feel that we are uniquely complex, each with an individual story, which needs to be cared for, treated respectfully, not simplistically. It is my practiced belief that emotional wholeness is within the reach of all of us as we are guided and helped by a trained counsellor.

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