Welcome to my site. I am very passionate about the emotional well-being of people who have known difficult times in their lives. I am available to help you. I am interested in helping people who struggle with:  Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, Phobias, Relational issues, Conflict Resolution, Domestic Violence, and an Abusive past.


As a trauma survivor, I have a deep understanding of the human condition with its suffering and emotional pain. As a result, I understand mental illness and its effects acutely. With the use of good communication skills, experience, and training, I can help individuals realize and discover the path to their own emotional well-being.

My training equips me in helping those who suffer from trauma, depression, anxiety, fear, abuse, phobia, conflict resolution, domestic abuse, marriage and family issues, relational and spiritual concerns, mediation, discover a way to emotional health. I believe in guiding people to develop a strong inner being, kind, loving, empathic relationships, which move toward emotional well-being.

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